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Killing kids to show that killing is bad

rec'd Jan-2002
This notice is for all our friends who live in Fayette County. Others please
disregard. --brian cooney

In the next few weeks, the Lexington-Fayette County Urban County Council
will consider a resolution opposing the use of the death penalty against
those who are younger than 18 at the time they commit crimes.

Please contact the council and let them know your support for this

Easiest Way to show your support.

Call the Council office at 258-3200. Leave a message indicating your
support for this resolution.

Next easiest way:

Call or send e-mail to the 3 at-large council members and your
representative. If you're not sure who your representative is, has a map of the districts and a listing
of council members' names. At the end of this note is a list of all
council members, their districts, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Some members have already expressed support for the bill. If you contact
them, please remember to thank them for their support.
Council members (so far) in support of the measure:

George Brown
Richard DeCamp
Jennifer Mossitti
Richard Moloney

Most ambitious way:

Call every member of the council to let them know your support for this
bill. Find out their position on the bill. Answer any questions they may
have for you. (For example, why are you against the execution of

IMPORTANT: If you contact a council person who has not yet expressed a
position on the bill and find out that they are either for or against
it, please contact Will Warner,, and let him know.


Last November, the Jefferson County Fiscal Court, which despite its name
is the Legislative body of Jefferson County government, unanimously
passed a resolution calling on all members of the Jefferson County
delegation to the Kentucky state legislature to support and vote in
favor of a bill to end the use of the death penalty against those who
commit crimes while younger than 18 years.

The measure mentioned a survey taken by the University of Kentucky in
the Spring of 2000 showing that 79.5% of adults chose a sentence other
than death for a juvenile convicted of aggravated murder. It quotes a
survey done by the National Acacemy of Science in 2001 showing that
"physical, emotional and cognitive development" is not complete in

It also states that fewer than half the states in the United States have
the death penalty for juveniles, that the United States itself iis
increasingly isolates among countries in the world who execute children,
and that adequate penalties for juvenile offenders other than death now
exist in Kentucky law.

Only three juveniles have ever been sentenced to death in Kentucky: Todd
Ice, Kevin Stanford and Larry Osborne. Today only Kevin Stanford remains
on death row. Ironically he is farthest along in his appeals process and
may well be the next prisoner executed in Kentucky.

Last October, Governor Patton said he would support a bill to end the
juvenile death penalty in Kentucky. Unfortunately, the chairmen of the
Judiciary committees in the legislature have not shown any interest in
bringing such a bill up in this session.

As of this writing, drafting of the resolution to be presented to the
LFUCG Council is not yet complete. It should be based on the Jefferson
County resolution.

Your support of this bill is necessary for its passage. We need to let
our Council know that people in Fayette County are against executing

Thank you for your efforts.

LFUCG Council Members

Council Office
258-3200/ FAX 258-3838

At-Large Representatives:

Isabel Yates, Vice Mayor

Scott Crosbie

David Stevens

District Representatives:

George Brown - 1

Jacques Wiggington - 2

Richard DeCamp - 3

Linda Gorton - 4

William Farmer - 5

Albert Mitchell - 6

Willy Fogle - 7

Fred Brown - 8

Jennifer Mossotti - 9

Sandy Shafer - 10

Richard Moloney - 11

Gloria Martin - 12

Proud to be an AMERICAN