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Bekaboo's emails 2 me. 2000-01 - U with the 640 scroll right 4 - 2k2 --->

Geoff, [letter to Bekahboo's Geoff]
Ich muß Ihnen erklären, daß Rebekah traurig ist. Muß Geoff tut etwas, es zu stoppen. Wassersäugetiere können ausgebildet werden, um Bomben zu den Schiffen anzubringen. Rebekah beschwert sich. Ich kann nicht mehr nehmen. Ich erwarte das Problem, vorher morgen gelöst zu werden
Rebekah, these the last steps of polishing before as makes perfect.
This here to click.
Use these to çût & pâstè à é ê ë î ï ô ü ù
I have to tell you that Rebekah is sad. You must do some thing about it. Aquatic mammals can be trained to attach bombs to ships. She is complaining. I can't take it any more. I expect the problem to be solved by tomorrow.
To German:
Ich muß Ihnen erklären, daß Rebekah traurig ist. Sie müssen irgendeine Sache über sie tun. Wassersäugetiere können ausgebildet werden, um Bomben zu den Schiffen anzubringen. Sie beschwert sich. Ich kann nicht sie irgendwie nehmen mehr. Ich erwarte das Problem, bis morgen gelöst zu werden.
Back Translated:
I must explain to you that Rebekah is sad. They must do any thing over it. Water mammals can be trained, in order to attach bombs as the ships. It weights. I cannot take somehow it to more. I expect the problem until tomorrow to be solve.

Fixed it up a bit:
I have to tell you that Rebekah is sad. Geof must do something about it. Aquatic mammals can be trained to attach bombs to ships.
Rebekah is complaining. I can't take any more. I expect the problem to be solved by tomorrow.
To German:
Ich muß Ihnen erklären, daß Rebekah traurig ist. Muß Geof tut etwas über es. Wassersäugetiere können ausgebildet werden, um Bomben zu den Schiffen anzubringen. Rebekah beschwert sich. Ich kann nicht mehr irgendwie nehmen. Ich erwarte das Problem, bis morgen gelöst zu werden.

Back to English:
I must explain to you that Rebekah is sad. Must Geof does something over it. Water mammals can be trained, in order to attach bombs as the ships. Rebekah weights. I can take no longer somehow. I expect the problem until tomorrow to be solve.

Fix it up a bit more:
I have to tell you that Rebekah is sad. Geof must do something to stop it. Aquatic mammals can be trained to attach bombs to ships.
Rebekah is complaining. I can't take more. I expect the problem to be solved before tomorrow

To German & this is what I sent:
Ich muß Ihnen erklären, daß Rebekah traurig ist. Muß Geof tut etwas, es zu stoppen. Wassersäugetiere können ausgebildet werden, um Bomben zu den Schiffen anzubringen. Rebekah beschwert sich. Ich kann nicht mehr nehmen. Ich erwarte das Problem, vorher morgen gelöst zu werden

Back to English:
I must explain to you that Rebekah is sad. Must Geof does something to stop it. Water mammals can be trained, in order to attach bombs as the ships. Rebekah weights. I cannot take no more. I expect the problem, to be solve beforehand tomorrow
hi eliot.
it's day number two and i haven't wrecked once. see! we're at the library in bardstown. i met some people in lawrenceburg who know elisha. we
went to a church to call the police after we spotted a gun in the ditch. we stayed at the church a while before riding on. there were nice people
there. i should've kept the gun. it was a cute little handgun. we slept behind a silo last night. sunblock makes a person feel yucky. if you
see ma and pa, tell them to come get me!
tell everyone hello.

-transient rebekah
hey eliot,
we just now changed time zones. that's just as good as getting to arkansas in my book. we're in munfordville, ky. last night we stayed in an
abandoned firehouse. it happened like this, we were at the abe lincoln birthplace park when all these volunteer firemen came up doing a drill to
find a missing kid. they didn't know it was a drill, but geoff and i did cause we were talking to the coordinator earlier. this was in
hodgenville. so we went into the woods with the s&r guys and gals and their puppies. they were all stressed, and we just had to act like we
didn't know what was happening. we looked for the kid too! it was bad; they planted his shorts by a tree so the dogs could get the scent, so all
the people thought the kid was getting raped or something. anyway, we hitched a ride into beautiful magnolia with the firemen, and they let us
stay in the old firehouse. everybody is so nice. they told us about the distillery fire. it's a shame we missed it. when kerri and i went there
a couple of months ago they told us about the risk for fire. oh well. we're going to try to get to bowling green. it's been tiring because of
the wind, but it's beautiful today. it rained last night, but we were sleeping comfortably in the firehouse. not really; it was awful.
tell everyone hello.
ps there are cows everywhere, but not a junebug in sight so far!

From: "e w" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: eliot says...
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 01:27:27 GMT

on the road, gonzo teague, gun & all, any cows? you just missed the wild turkey wiskey fire on route 62, keep the rubber side down (tires)
it's raining on you now just looked at the weather
- e
hey eliot,
i've been in arkansas for a few days. i'm having a good time. pa stopped to help some guy with a broken down truck the other day, and guess who
it was. TOMMY COLLINS. that's right. pa told tommy to come visit me, and tommy said he would. we'll see. i have to come up with something good
to get him to leave his wife. hmmmmm....
geoff left yesterday hitchhiking to los angeles. he called last night from oklahoma city, so he's making pretty good time. he should get there in
just a few days. he doesn't have much sense, but i'm trying not to worry about him. it is his life, i guess. he's getting rides on 18 wheelers.
he wrote me an email from one. it's kind of exciting, and part of me wishes i'd gone with him.
audrey and i went swimming at the geriatric swimming pool. ed would love it. everyone there has fake hips and blue hair. i'm going camping at
the buffalo river this weekend. and i'll be 25 saturday. i'm old, but maybe if i drink enough beer i'll forget. beeeeeerrrrrrr. spaceman never
came home, but skeeter has calmed down a lot. i want to steal my brother's cat, doolie. he looks like a model, but he'll need to be fileted. he
tries to run off. cain't have that.
tell everyone hello. tell lethe i'll be available to continue my employment on june 16. at least, i think that's the date. i'm flying to maine
on the sixth. i got real cheap tickets from little rock and flying back to lexington. i'm going to try to go to nova scotia while i'm up there.
there's a ferry. friday nights in halifax, the town meets to drink beer, and they throw all their bottles in the street for the street sweepers.
it's officially sanctioned good times for all.
take care!
hey eliot,
qu'est ce que c'est passe? i'm starting to feel like an arkansan. all arkansans want is to be somewhere else thinking it will be better. half of
me knows it's no better, but the other half is sure that it must be. i've been downloading a lot of music off napster. it kicks ass. people in
arkansas wear shirts advertising arkansas. i went and bought one today. i'm having conflicts of personality. i saw tommy collins the other day.
he looks much the same. he and his wife of seven years just had a baby. it's funny to see tommy as a father. he said the bills settled him down
though, not his wife. i'm going to try to get a picture of him so you can see his full glory. tell everyone hello for me. i'll be back in just a
couple of weeks. and then soon after that i'll be homeless. so much to look forward to! maybe you should start getting that doghouse ready for
hey eliot,
i'm in portland. it's fun and neat. tina and i have gone to the rocky beach twice.
will you please tell lethe to schedule me beginning the 16th. or do i need to call her?
tina steve and i went climbing around on roofs downtown last night. it was fun. i'm a tourist, but i get to go to tina's house, and i don't have
to eat lobster.
tell everyone hello and that i tasted seaweed right off the beach. blech.

hi eliot.
i'm leaving this afternoon. i think it will be fun. i've been sleeping in a loft built in a closet while i've been here. it's kind of like
living in a treehouse, but hotter. junebug did fine on the trip here. she just went from lap to lap. now she loves my parents' house. they live
in the woods. i'll be in the bay area from the second to the sixth. i'm hoping it will be fun. tell everyone hello for me. alan's not being
scary, either.
hi eliot,
i'm in berkeley and in love. i stayed in oakland the first night here and last night i stayed with dad. it's nice to have a break from all the
drinking. joscelyn and alyssa and louisa and i all went into san francisco via bart yesterday. i got to see seals! they were right out in public
like it was normal. i started squealing. seals are too cute to even think about. we also went to china town to eat. and we hung around in the
mission district. i may move here. it's so beautiful. it would be fun if you were here too, then you could tell me some dumb stories. berkeley
is very pretty, but i guess you know that. i'm having fun.
talk to you soon,

From: "e w" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 22:48:20 GMT


I have recieved your email and will respond soon
If I don't write me or kick me
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 15:51:21 GMT
hi eliot,
i've moved to little rock for the time being and am living with my friend megan.
anyway, i'm writing to tell you that saturday night i went to this bar called vino's. my arkansas eliot was there, so i sat beside him making
googly eyes. then he drove me and some others to a party at a tattoo parlor. i sat next to him there too, because i love him, you see. anyway,
his girlfriend kept seeing me next to him, and when he was taking us all home, his girlfriend sat in the back of the truck with us. when alan and
i got to alan's house and were getting out of the truck, the girlfried tried to kiss alan on the mouth! that's what little rock is like. you
gotta kick some ass.
louis, the arkansas eliot, calls lighter fluid jet fuel! he made a picture frame the other day. what does it feel like to be replaced? i'm
having fun.
i start my new job today. i'm going to be working at a pizza place with my brother and sister in law and a bunch of my friends. my brother,
jonathan not jeffrey, is training me today. we'll see if i can quit laughing. i doubt it.
i'm having fun.
the walls in my room are pink. tell ed.
love you!

PEE????? YUCK!!!

>From: "r" <r@hotmail.com>
>To: e@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:
, 13 Sep 2000 20:12:05 GMT
>you're a wierdo. i not
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 20:12:05 GMT
you're a wierdo. i noticed in your wierdo message that you used capital letters. if you would refrain from capitalizing, you would use the shift
key considerably less.
i slept in the closet loft with alan last night. when he peed in his sleep, the pee simply rolled off the loft in a waterfall action. it made a
relaxing sound and helped me to sleep more peacefully. but now dogs are sniffing my shoes because some of the pee landed on them.
i never capitalize, and i rarely use the shift key. people who use colons and semi-colons are nerds. don't waste your time thinking about what
nerds do! be cool! it comes so naturally for you.
i made a bunch of pizzas the other day. it was fun. and better yet, i get to make pizzas for myself. my new job involves a lot of sitting
around. (and free pizza) it kicks ass!
it's good to use exclamation points. it's my favorite!
you will always be my first and primary eliot.
all my love,

From: "e w" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 00:56:36 GMT

Rebekah, What do you think do people use more the semicolon(;) or the colon(:) more? why is the colon on top? I don't like to use the shift
key if I don't have to.
There is also the question of the question mark and the slash. Don't you ask more questions then write fraction? 1/100 of the time it's used
as a slash. Not only that, the slash is above the #8 key on the num pad. The =+ key. . .ahh it's all wrong.
End of news from Kentucky.
So, it's good to here all's well on your end. Don't let eliot usurp me.
Date: Oct 2000 16:23:38 GMT
hello everyone.
i'm writing to inform ya'll that i now have a new address and phone number. the address is:
100000 n. Main st.
little rock, ar 777777

and my digits are

in spite of everything being good, everything sucks too! i just now got a new job that sounds like it will be heaps of fun. it's a job at kabf,
the local community radio station, through the vista program. that means after a year of "service" they'll pay my loans off. i can't wait for
that since being free of debt will free me to finally move to wales. if anyone knows any cute welshmen who want to get hitched to an amotivational
type, let me know. my job involves recording kids reading books and then producing a radio program from their efforts. fun! the government is
flying me to oklahoma next week. and i'll have insurance. health and life. i named ma, pa, jeffrey and jonathan equal beneficiaries of anything
i've got coming.
unfortunately, i'm going to have to quit my pizza industry job. i will miss all my co-workers but not as much as i'll miss being evil to the snobs
in the heights.
i'll spare everyone the horrid details of my personal life. that information would make you gag!
please remember that i love you all!

ate: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 23:42:29 GMT
hey eliot.
last night for halloween i went to a bar where they were having a big thing. but who cares about that. when i got there i found my arkansas
eliot, lewis, was wearing a costume that matched mine perfectly. we were both snake handlers, you know, the religious kind. if only you could've
seen us together. we were beautiful, like the last two wholesome people on earth. it was just a coincidence too. i think lewis and i are
destined to be together! maybe we'll move to kentucky and start up a church. lewis payed $20 for his snake, however. mine was a gift from my
friend victor.
things are looking up here. my new radio job averages about $50/hour for the amount of work i do. i'm getting payed, and i've worked only three
hours so far. it's crazy. i feel like i'm cheating the government, but i can't be bothered. i'll be working more later too as things pick up.
my partner, joel, and i are planning on travelling the whole state to do our recordings. we'd like to get kids from the delta and also some of the
hispanic kids in southwestern arkansas. i called some museums today to get free tickets. i love jobs with access. and i'll also get to learn how
to use radio equipment as we produce a show for saturdays. it's fun.
my personal life (that means love and lust etc.) has reached a nice stasis for now. it's still a mess because i'm a fickle hearted slut-bag, but i
just have so much love to give. alan quit hating me. well, he quit pretending like he hated me. we went to see the texas chainsaw massacre the
other day. and sometimes he looks at me and says, "what are we doing?" i say, "just relax." i'm as terrible as ever, but pa predicted when i was
a girl-child that i would be a heartbreaker.
i got a letter from tina. she's doing pretty well i think. ed says brooke and ellen are in drugsville. that's too bad. especially for ellen.
oh well. drugsville has an exit as well as an entrance.
i just did yoga, so i'm feeling energized.
i got a car. it's fun.
i'm trying to get off the donuts. it's hard.
tell elisha hi.
i miss you still. maybe i can come visit in my motor car soon.

ate: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 18:25:00 -0000
hello eliot,
why don't you ever say anything besides some short silly something? it's very frustrating. here i am, alone in the world pouring my heart out,
and i get nothing back from you. no support! titanic was on the television last night. i thought of you even though i didn't see the part where
leo died. i remember how you love that scene. things are wierd as usual here. i'm not sure i like it, but i'm trying to stay stong and
perservere even though my instinct tells me to run. jeffrey complains everytime we get a bill. it's terrible. i told him to move into the woods
if he wants to freeze to death. i'll get some nice sensible roommates somewhere. got a letter from tina. she's doing a okay. oh well. what's

short silly nothings! i could make up for quality /w quantity?

>hello eliot,
>why don't you ever say anything besides some short silly something?

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 17:27:34 -0000

save the turkeys!

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:52:58 -0000
MIME-Version: 1.0
yes eliot, even though you don't understand, since you're writing has no quality, i would be more satisfied with more quantity. anyone could write
the nonsense you send me, so try to prove you really are eliot by writing more in your conversational style. i know you're wierd, but give it a
go. how about you answer some questions? how is elisha? i have a dress i think she might like. maybe i'll send it up there. how is sqecial and
the people associated with it? have you fixed up my doghouse yet? when are you coming to visit? yes, you can come during christmas. that should
be fun for you as my whole family will be here as well as brian and adam and mitchell, the man i fornicated with. adam moved to oregon, but he's
flying down i think. i didn't work for the two weeks before thanksgiving, but i got paid anyway. my job is amazingly badass. we're working now
though. we're going to the delta in two weeks, and s.western ark. the week before that. hopefully we'll meet some smart kids. i got a car, but i
made my brother, jonathan, take it. i was driving too much. i prefer my bicycle. brian said it's cold there. is that true? did i tell you my
arkansas eliot called me a "brainiac?" he did. that means he thinks i'm a nerd. see how easy it is to just fill some space with crap. and don't
you feel loved that i took the time to do it? i'll see you when you get here. i'm going to go home now and wait on you.
yes eliot, even though you don't understand, since you're writing
has no quality, [?] i would be more satisfied with more quantity.
anyone could write the nonsense you send me, so try to prove you
really are eliot [remember when you made out with chris prophet. do i need say more?] by writing more in your conversational style. i
know you're w i e r d, but give it a go. how about you answer some
questions? how is elisha? [we broke up]
i have a dress i think she might like. maybe i'll send it up there. how is sqecial and the people associated with it?
[all is well, ed lethe brooke & a bunch of newbies] have you fixed up my doghouse yet? [5 * motel now] when are
you coming to visit? [in 5 minutes] yes, you can come during christmas. that should be fun for you as my whole family will be here as well as brian and adam and mitchell, the man i fornicated with. adam moved to oregon, but he's flying down i think. i didn't work for the two weeks before thanksgiving, but i got paid anyway. my job is
amazingly badass. we're working now though. we're going to the
delta in two weeks, and s.western ark. the week before that.
hopefully we'll meet some smart kids. i got a car, but i made my
brother, jonathan, take it. i was driving too much. i prefer my
bicycle. brian said it's cold there. is that true? did i tell you
my arkansas eliot called me a "brainiac?" [nerd] he did. that means he thinks i'm a nerd. see how easy it is to just fill some space with
crap. [poop] and don't you feel loved that i took the time to do it? [love] i'll see you when you get here. i'm going to go home now and wait on you. [i'm there]
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:56:19 -0000
tina's mad at ralphy for even trying, but she doesn't know that gore and bush are both just different sides of the same evil. at least ralphy
wouldn't stage a conference call to sway the public's opinion. i don't think ralphy would stage anything. is he worse because he's not an actor?
i think in this weird political situation, it should be like a beauty pageant and they should get the third runner up. RALPHIEEEEE!!!!!!!! and i
will be your gracious and charming first lady. we'll get you a government job. director of hot babes!

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
To: re@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 14:45:19 -0000

my world is upside-down
I voted 4 nader & I bought the "gore & bush make me wanna ralph" t-shirts, want one? large or XL? what made me go nader was the death pentelty & wto. i was thinking that if nader took away enough votes from the demo's they would have to step a little to the left of bush next time. just watch 2004.

>tina's mad at ralphy for even trying,...

Nov 30, 2000
hey I can't find markham. what's markham? or who's markham. speaking of ham my mother served ham at t-day.

ate: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 15:36:52 -0000

hey eliot, when i got back across the street to my house you weren't there. i don't know if you got lost or what. if you're walking around little
rock looking for me, go down markham towards university, turn right on university, right on h street then right on buchanan. it's the first house
on your right across the street from the fletcher library. i'm in the library right now, but jeffrey is home if you want to go ahead and go in.
make yourself at home.
i watched charlie rose last night. it was a good program. there was some ethicist/philosopher guy from australia. he professes at princeton
now. charlie asked him how he found american politics and society. charlie suggested that we might be called center right. the guy said he
thought there was no center about it. to him center means basic things like universal healthcare and social security. i think most americans take
for granted that this country is whatever they want it to be. sadly that's true. we settle for so little by letting our figureheads sell out to
whomever is paying the most. i hope you're right about 2004. we have constant change, but i think a rewriting might be nice about now. maybe the
economy will collapse. that could do it. people need to get real mad and see how much we have to regret. money makes people wierd.
mr. rogers went to a dairy on his show yesterday. he went in the cooler and breathed out so he could show us the fog. i love mr. rogers. the mr.
rogers annual sweater drive is going on right now. if you send me that cashmere sweater (the pretty brown one) i'll put it in the donation box for
you. for real!
thankyou for taking the time and effort to correspond with me. i'll see you in a few minutes as i reckon you're at my house by now.
love, rebekah
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 18:28:34 -000
I think i found your house and i tried to get in the kitchen window as per your specifications, but i was met by someone (kristen?) who tossed house-hold chemicals in my face as i was trying to enter the aforementioned window. now i don't know where i am, as i can't see all that well, chemicals in my eyes you know. i'm at some hospital for the criminaly blind. i won't talk to them until i can talk to someone from the teague enclave. brail typewriters are hard to use. the dots don't even look like the letters.
. .. .
. . .

>all right eliot. markham is the street running...
ll right eliot. markham is the street running in front of the capitol. take markham going away from downtown towards university. do you still
have the directions? i hope so. you have my phone number. you could've called, but i guess you don't know how to use a phone do you. oh well.
i'm at ma and pa's house in conway right now, but you can go ahead and go to my house. go in the kitchen window if you need to. my roommate,
kristin, might be there too. she's nice. my room's upstairs. you can put your stuff there.

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: lost
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 03:17:27 -0000

i'm still lost and it's cold out now
Subject: cold, chilly, frio, frosty, frigidair, nippy, icy, artic, hypothermiated
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000
From "e"
Subject: Re: cold, chilly, frio, frosty, frigidair, nippy, icy, artic, hypothermiated
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 17:28:25 -0000
hey eliot,
you think you have problems. alan stayed up all night tooting blow with nub, and mitchell got back in town yesterday. he's mad at me. i'd like
some cheesecake too, but i have no appetite. i'm so tired of love, but i'm a lover. i think the blow's going to be a blessing. i can't love a
cokehead. maybe they should both go to a bar and talk about what a scag i am. then i can move on and move away. that might be nice. i'm at work
right now. everyone in arkansas is a flake. and not snowy, just flaky. i went ice skating yesterday for the first time in my life. that was
very fun.
do you have electricity? there was an icestorm here that put the power out all around. we had electricity at my house so people came to stay with
us. that was fun. we ate biscuits and gravy everyday. i like food, but love has taken my appetite as i mentioned earlier. i have to go and make
some phone calls now.
you should come visit me. it's warm at my house. and you can watch the soap opera.
love you!

Would you be needing my ice-skates? I hear it's a bit of weather that's not fit for foul.
Everythings warm, sunny and find here.
The last email I was writing while Ed was on the phone.
[Read the notes below]

>Subject: Re:
>hey eloit or ed, i can't tell who wrote that email, but it was in a
>language i could [did you mean: couldn'd?] understand. it was written as if it were written
>by an idiot-savant. lot's of boos and wierd words.[Ed calls you Boo]
>merry xerxes ya'll. i'm at ma and pa's house. we're planning on
>getting iced in for a week. i'm going to have to give all my orders
>from my bed. "get my tiara!" "bring my cat" "i want some rolls."
>it's okay though. junebug is stuck in little rock, and i miss her.
>i'll have to act extra bitchy because i'm sad.
>maybe kerri will bring me a cheesecake. she has a big truck and big
>breasts.[Big trucks, oooh, big ass trucks!!]
>alan and i are a happy couple again. all my man troubles are solved
>for now. that's the best christmas gift, a steady source of sexual
>gratification.[Oh, my!]
>tell everyone to just hold on to my gifts. i'll try to come get
>them soon.[When?]
>wishing you all good lovin'
>>From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
>>To: r@hotmail.com
>>Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 00:12:32 -0000
>> Merry Xristos or X-mas which rather looks better on a sale sign.
>>Ed says "I love Boo. you're my favorite Boo."
>>what's a Boo? If you're his fav Boo he has others?
>>Gotta go,
>>by Boo
Subject: Re: !
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 04:26:13 -0000

hey eliot,
i was fortunate enough to make sure i got iced in at my parents' before things got bad. they do have electricity. since christmas all we've done
is eat and watch movies. it's heavenly. my house in little rock had the electric line ripped off by a limb. that will probably take a few days
to fix as i have to get the landlord get an electrician to do it. i'm going back to little rock tomorrow since the roads are clearing up. i'll be
staying at alan's or with my brother. it's really not too bad for me. but for a couple of hundred thousand other arkansans, we'll they're cold
and in the dark. but i have two puppies here and my darling skeeter. i have to go back to junebug though. i'm sure she's missing me. but i
don't really miss anything. i think i might move back in with ma and pa and let them feed me eternally. you can join me if you'd like. we eat
fried okra and biscuits a lot. that's an infinite yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: !
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 04:10:47 -0000


do you have electric power? are you frozen?
stay warm,

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 03:46:14 -0000

i'm eating a cheesecake

Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 04:27:06 -0000

Subject: Fwd: about to divide the trio
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 04:35:29 -000

hey eliot,
here's an email i thought you might be interested in. it's from kerri regarding cheesecakes and other things. see, she bought three cheesecakes
to bring to an estrofest, but her boyfriend kept her from coming, so now she has the cheesecakes, and she's stuck out in bfe on terrible roads, and
she can't bring it to me. maybe i can get her to deliver it to me in little rock once the weather's nice again.

did i tell you i went iceskating? it made me think of you because i know how you love to ice skate. i fell four times and it hurt only once when
i somehow managed to fall directly on my ass.

badass just came in the room to watch me. i bet she wants some more food. we've included her in our feasting.

we're having a huge crazy new year's party here. there will be a fire and fire works and bedlam. you should try to come. oh, if i stay at alan's
house, i will be the 15th person there. you have to step over the sleeping freaks. it's kind of fun. but i'll be sleeping in the loft in his
closet/bedroom. funnnnn! i wish you were having fun. but you're not because you're in kentucky were everything is normal. even the alcoholics
there are lame. come on eliot, get with it. i'll see you in a few days when you get here.

From: "Lynn" <lynn@?.com>
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Subject: about to divide the trio
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 15:45:37 -0600

howdy, rebekah,
I almost broke down and ate one of the cheesecakes...I was feeling PMSy, I guess? "moody" or "depressed," choose one. I don't want Brian's
telephone number. he's funny, but I'm sure he needs some time to develop his psychosis before I talk to him again. he was the second person in
that test I took that you sent me--you know...the one you would like to be with but couldn't for whatever reason? David was the first one. I
sent him that test also. I was the first person and his wife was the second one. he doesn't know who led zeppelin are...it's so cute being
almost a decade older than the person I love...I can see how I was. he also has pretty good stories for being so young. well, I've got a
cheesecake and video game with my name on them...don't worry--one's got "Audrey" on it and the other's got "rebekah" on it!!! the roads are
complete shit out here...be careful. say "hello" to gwar for me. lurve ya.
purrs and hisses,

End of 2000



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Otter as per Boo's description March 2k2


Rebekah's fav site

I need some pics of Rbkh doing the "shit bird dance"

about 4 to 6 pics in rapid sequence - low res. so I can make a animated .gif or send an .avi clip 3+ sec long.

I'm also needing Adobe After effects 5.0+ for xp

and a sizable chunk of money to buy yet another building.

Scroll right for 2002 emails --->

2001 will be added here R-

what does your email mean? i can't make any sense of it. does it mean, perhaps, that you're going to come visit me? there's a serial rapist in
our neighborhood. couldn't you come protect us from his nastiness. i went to the darkroom today, but all my efforts were failures. i made only
one nice picture, and it's not that grand. audrey just moved into the house with me and jeffrey. i think she's going to be a nice girl. she's
nice to go home to. my joel, the coworker, is finishing up his stint in march. i'm sad. but i also look forward to it since it means i can start
working. all i do now is "hang out" all day. i simply go from house to house never really doing anything. there's one steven calhoun here, who
rides a motorcycle. he's supposed to take me on the back of it sometime. but you've got me all worried about turning curves. "eliot" has been
the answer in the crosswords two times this week. see, that doesn't make sense either. i called your house to talk to you and i got ed instead.
what girl are you kind of sort of seeing? i hope she's as wonderfully dorky as i am so you don't have to miss me so bad.
take care.

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
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Subject: Butterfly pin (pen)
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 01:49:08 -0000

Talkin' to Crystal I'm kind sorta goin' out wit. It's bizzzar. She works at the ****.
That's all.
once again, ya'll incompnapoops. my address is
666 Pat Buchanan st
little rock ar
i know why ed's living with you now. i called one day to talk to you, and ed was there. i wish he had told you that i'd called. how are you,
i'm doing pretty well. we started a spanish study group at my house. we met sunday, and labelled things. there're as many speakers here as in
kentucky. joel and i have started recording kids reading in spanish for our radio show.
i'm at work now. i have to go work.
love ya'll.

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: addy 4 eddy
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 18:41:03 -0000

First things first Ed writes letters, Does he have you current address? Fork it over. Ed's my flatmate now. He'll explain if you give him
your address. If you would email it to me I'll give it to him. Come on time's-a-wasting. I ain't gonna come get it 'cause last time I's down
there I got lost, blinded & put in prison for the criminally blind. I can see now. Thanks for asking, not.

hey eliot,
i guess i don't understand the premise of your web page. maybe you should have more pictures of me. and maybe an article about my best features.
i can write one if you need me to. if you find you can't call any of my best features to mind.
how have you been?
i've been wierd.
i've finally in my life started having wierd dreams. but in these dreams i tell everyone everything i've always needed to say, so in real life i
don't need to talk to anyone or have anything to say. it's kind of strange.
i'm taking pottery. i had a dream that i made all kinds of little animals out of dirt and they were better than life. i did it while little kids
were making things out of lip gloss shaped like deodorant. i'm cracking up.
i have to be in little rock only six more months. i don't know what's next. maybe the back yard delux two-story doghouse?
how's my ed whom i never hear from?
tina lives somewhere around boston now. maybe she's finding nice boys to smooch on. my interest in loving people has been decimated. i'm left
full of hate or indifference. it doesn't feel pretty.
bye for now.

From: "e" <e@hotmail.com>
To: r@hotmail.com
Subject: cows
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 03:25:57 -0000
some cows;

As 4 my little site:

Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 19:47:21 -0000
hey ya'll,
jeffrey and i are headed for kentucky on saturday. the 12th i think. we're planning on dividing our time between brian's house and the doghouse
in eliot's backyard. brian's phone number is 555.1212. so please call.
somebody should want to go to the gorge with us. it's been a long time since we've been there, so let's contact the appropriate government
officials and make it a gay old time.
we'd also like to play pool. and i need a lot of time with ed! ed all to myself for hours and hours.
we'll see you soon after we've kicked the dust off our boots.

Bekaboo's here right now. in Lex! 5-13-01

Did you click on the "We love to see you smile" link? http://www.As4.com
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From: "rebekah teague" <rebekahteague@hotmail.com>
To: eliottt@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Smiles
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 04:25:31 -0000
hi eliot. i'm at devin's house now. he's still working up at vino's, the local watering hole. i coerced him into giving me his keys. so i'm holed up with his computer and his cat. i had a fun time tonight after i wrote to you last. i left the library and headed over to my friend amy's house. we watched "freaks and geeks" on tv. it was all right. then i left there and went to vino's. i sat around there for a couple of hours with lloyd and damien. (damien told a beautiful story about a real mechanic, not a part changer.) i watched them drink beer after beer. and they'd already been drinking all day. but they weren't even getting wobbly til right before i left. amy gave me a xanax. and devin got two pills today that do the opposite of xanax. they're like ritalin times two. lloyd was on them and said his day had been wonderful. i saw everybody who lives at 3rd street out on my bike trip today. alan was out on his bike at kroger. he was getting cat food then off to put flyers up about his show thursday. jeremy was riding his bike. and lloyd was at vino's. that's a wierd coincidence. i really wish you would come to arkansas sometime when i'm happy so you could see how crazy it is. sometimes when i'm sad, i avoid leaving the house. but i feel happy now. i'm not sick anymore. and i got to talk to many nice people. and i have a xanax. is that spelled right? sometimes i think it's very important to just leave the house. just leave by whatever means and go out to see what else is going on. people are wonderfully beautiful. almost without exception. and they're always interesting. well, excepts for my roommates.
oh were you aware that my address is on your webpage. and brian's phone number.
i talked to kristin today; she's the one who dumped the chemicals into your eyes that time consequently dooming you to the hospital for the criminally blind. she thinks about sexual politics a lot. that's what she talks to me about. sometimes people don't love themselves enough and they try to get other people to do it for them.
my throat feels scratchy.
i'll be in austin soon. swimming in the creek in town with all the crazy people. and i'm going to the c&w bar. (did i tell you there are three kinds of music?) i think i did. (country, western, and honky tonk!) and i'll be riding a bike around. and maybe i'll fall in love with something.
carey, from lexington, is going to be here tomorrow. she's staying a while.
>From: "e w" <eliottt@hotmail.com>
>To: rebekahteague@hotmail.com
>Subject: Smiles
>Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 03:32:25 -0000
>I just opened hotmail.com to write you an email to tell you to look at my site under links and there was mail from the one and only Rebekah Teague!. I think there's a link that will make you smile. So stop clowning around and check it out. http://www.As4.com Where's the ....?
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>From: "rebekah teague" <rebekahteague@hotmail.com>
>To: eliottt@hotmail.com
>Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 00:47:03 -0000
>hey eliot,
>i'm at the library downtown. i rode my bike over here to find devin, but he wasn't home. and the library across the street from my house closes at 6 now because the government took library money to give to the schools if that makes any sense. i think they should raise the taxes. libraries and schools go together.
i guess i feel kind of lonely. joel was looking up secret stuff at home and made me feel like leaving. so i got on my bike. and i'm just getting over a sore throat. so i don't know if i'll have the energy to get home. maybe devin will be home when i go back by there.
really i was writing to you particularly to tell you after all these years and all my dreams, i finally got to ride a motorcycle. it belongs to my friend jeremy. he's alan's roommate. but i hornswaggled him. he just got the bike so he wasn't sure if he could handle a passenger. i assured him that i knew the proper way to lean around corners. so he let me ride. but before we even took off, i burned my leg on the exhaust pipe. i think i might have even done it on purpose figuring i'd get it over with. it's not too bad.
> but 30 mph on a bike feels a lot like very fast. we both came out of it feeling better. i got to ride a motorcycle, and now jeremy knows he can have a passenger.
did you know that most people have a hard time finding things to do to fill their time. a lot of people have piles of cocaine on their coffee tables, some people drink 40s at the train tracks, some people look into going to graduate schools.
oh they just announced that the library is about to close and that i should use the courtesy phones on the third floor to call a ride.
i'll go see if devin is home. he makes me feel calm. excepts he's a mess, or is becoming one with plans of "seeing what happens" and other terrible things. i wanted to look at photography books.
jeffrey is leaving on the evil grey dog the 12th. i haven't been away from him for awhile for awhile. i don't think i'll mind too much. i'm going to austin for 10 days starting the 19th. i'm going to get wild and see the faint too. pray for me!

hey e,

i tried calling your house the other day but ya'll weren't home. i think i wanted to commiserate over the bombing

situation and talk about columbus day. but probably i really just wanted to whine about boys. why do boys give me

such fodder to whine over? some of them i'm thinking of just writing off. and i was really considering the boybrary

idea until i met this boy who wants to have a girlbrary. it's not the same when it's someone else. but somebody said

one can't have one's cake and eat it too. i guess i'm just used to eating everything. it's part of my oral fixation

i guess. i miss you and ed. i've been trying to convince this boy, carlos, to come to lexington with me and live in

the doghouse and dance on a box at the bar on weekends. i think we could make a good living at it with me as his

manager. he's pretty good at a sexy body wave. speaking of dancing, my friend, ginny, and i started taking ballet.

mostly i just like the ballet clothes. i wore the badassest outfit to class last night. a striped leotard, cotton

tights and cowboy boots. ginny said i looked like a badass bitch. i think it was a compliment. pretty much everyone

thought i looked rad. but to the point, we're having a recital soon. i guess around christmas. this might be the

time for you and ed to come visit. wouldn't you love to see me dancing in a sequined sunflower tutu outfit? i know

you would. all our friends are coming so it'll turn into a party.

my car finally died so now i'm driving my parents' huge ass van. it's a ford and gets about 9 mpg. it has eight

cylinders and a four barrel carburetor. that's power boy. but boy do i feel guilty for driving it. i try to limit

my driving to the schools i record at. i recorded third graders today. they called me 'miss rebekah.' girl, you know

i love that.

have you noticed the proliferation of all the jesus rockin' hard rock bands? they're so horrible. all black and

dreaded. i guess it's okay for people to love jesus.

are you scared for the world, e? i kind of am. i tend to think that things are playing out. maybe things are

playing out this way. i just don't know. i'm trying to stay reasonable about it and realize that things just are as

they are. but why don't people ever just play nice. it's always shady and mitigated. someone's always scheming.

i hope you're okay eliot. i hope ed's okay too. and tell everyone i said hello.

oh, i rode my bike to kroger this afternoon. i took my bike inside since i'd forgotten my bike lock. i have a

sticker on there that says "this bike is a pipebomb." i saw some guy leaning over and really studying the sticker. i

wanted to tell him that it's just a band. people are funny. you especially.



(ps i'm a terror

Wed, 13 Mar 2002 23:22:56 GMT

hello everyone,

this is something i'm forced to send out because i'm all by myself right now, and i'm shocked and horrified, and i don't have anyone to talk to. at my job restoring the decorative painting in a 100 year old church, we are at the end so are forced to work harder than usual and longer hours. it's 5pm, and i just got home. i checked the mail as usual with my arms all loaded with crap i'd collected throughout the day. i got my key ready to unlock the front door. i did that just fine. i'm not stupid. but when i opened the door i wasn't expecting to see a dead river otter on the floor of the front room! dead! DEAD! not cute and alive and running around, but completely dead. i thought it might be a stuffed otter that audrey stole from the biology department at school. but it's not. it's dead. and big, and floppy and rotting and stinking. it's not really rotting yet, but it does smell wierd. i put my hands up in shitbird mode. my face drew back and i started making wierd noises. then i picked up audrey's note. she found the poor otter dead on university ave. she called the zoo, and it's not theirs. it's been raining a lot, so i imagine the otter got lost from the woods somewhere and made his way here. but audrey's note didn't end with the provenence of the creature. she wants me to help her skin it and preserve its skin. and it's dead and in the house. and i'm still squirming. i decided to get it outside as soon as possible. even though i'm weary of what will happen to it after my dead pigeon disappeared last week. but anyway, i picked up the otter and the newspaper he's resting on, but the newspaper had soaked through, so the otter fell out with a dead thud right at my feet. i started screaming and called my brother. i explained to him, but he just said, "cool." he's never come home to a dead otter on his floor. but i picked the otter up after poking around on him awhile. and i got him outside fearing the neighbors would see me and decide i'm a pervert. all this is prompted by audrey's corpse lust. she loves dead things. and i told her about my friend millie tanning a chipmunk hide her cats drug up. so now audrey is going to start bringing home all the roadkill and getting me to help her skin it. i feel nasty. i'm going to go eat some banana bread. (i made five loaves last night!) and i love otters, so i'll be out in a minute staring at him and spreading his little feet apart looking at them. (just as audrey suggested.) oh yeah, audrey was thoughtful enough to go across the street and good books on otters and preserving animals. she propped the books up on the corpse so i'd be sure not to miss them. audrey, you're a nut. but i'm glad because now we have a dead otter.


;Thu, 14 Mar 2002 23:01:49 GMT

hello everyone.

i'm feeling more calm today. audrey got home last night around 9pm. she began preparing to skin the otter, so i stuck around trying to be helpful and supportive. i offered to let her use one of my photo trays to put the corpse in while she skinned it. so we went out on the porch, and i gathered scissors and things for her. she began stabbing at the body with an xacto knife. the skin was real thick so she got a hole poked and then started cutting with the scissors. it was an arduous process. the otter didn't seem to mind. she cut a line down the abdomen and gradually loosened the skin by cutting connective tissues. it wasn't too nasty. no blood. and she had cornmeal to spread around in case anything did start to bleed. she kept on skinning for awhile. i went to bed, but she got me up around 1am to see the detached skin. she got the skin off the head around the eyes and mouth just fine. so now there's a rolled up otter skin in a box on our porch. it's all rubbed with salt. and the body (what's left) is sitting in my photo tray beside the house. she's going to take pictures of it. i can try to scan them and email them to all interested. i just now visited the otter and he's turning pretty black and oozing some juices. his eyeballs look wierd, especially the one on the smashed side of his face.

i told the manly man at work, dave, about the otter skinning. he said he has a deer hide in his freezer if we want to tan it. i'm thinking i'll get it so i can make some buckskin daisy dukes for the upcoming swimming season. y'all know how i love to swim!

and i feel so empowered to skin things now. i'm starting a taxidermy business, so anyone can send me dead animals. i think soon i might be practiced enough to really filet junebug and keep her living.

thanks to everyone who prayed for me and wrote back with your kind words.

tina, i'm planning a trip to the northeast soon. some hippies from arizona are coming through arkansas on their way to new jersey. they might have room for me. i'll let you know on towards summer.

eliot, my friend millie said i can build a treehouse on her land. she lives in the ozarks. i got out the picture you gave me of your treehouse to inspire me. i've started scavenging materials. i have some windows, and jonathan and i found some wood today. all i need is a truck. i miss kentucky some days.

geoff, i can send you some compost.

amy, audrey's not bad. she's just a geek who happens to like dead things. and junebug's too fast for her.

andy, the dandylions are growing like crazy in macarthur park. i went there to swing today.

joel, i miss you some. i wrote you a letter and sent it to brooklyn, but i think you'd all ready left. i might call you tonight and talk about cars with you. i love cars. i want a car, or a truck. and i'll probably need a mechanic to go with it. or maybe i'll go to mechanic's school.

that's all. i'm about to make some calls about a 1961 2 door galxie and a 1973 chevy truck. if i get a car, i'm going to hit the road for an exploration visiting tour. i'll make it at least as far as lake sylvia. meet me there!

xxx;Fri, 29 Mar 2002 05:31:23 GMT
hey ya'll. here's my dream truck. i'm carrying on a correspondence with the neighbor of the owner. it's a '69 chevy-10. it's got a wooden bed and power nothing (well it's got power steering and brakes but nothing annoying like power windows or seats). i need help getting talked out of getting this truck. it's $2000 and in indiana. but i can get to indiana to get it. pa's all fired up to go there with me. see if you can see the farm in the background of this photo. it's a farm truck. it's got a metal dash and 160,000 miles and it's built chevy tough. my brother asks what i want with a yankee truck and points out all the fine southern trucks to be had. i'd take an early to mid 70s ford 100 too. i've got my eye on one. but look at this beauty. can you imagine how much fun i'd have taking him swimming with me. and all the boys i'd pick up! let me know what you think.

here's what the neighbor says:

I have some answers to the questions you asked. The doors have a little
surface rust. The rockers (below the doors) are rusted through. The back
cab corners are rusted through. As far as the bed, the wheel wells have some
surface rust. As you know on those trucks, the floor of the bed is made of
wood. It does have seatbelts. It is a longbed. The heater does work.
There is no A/C. It has Power Brakes. It has Power Steering. It has sport
wheels off a 1985. The tires are good. All the switches work. The heater
temperature lever is broken off and needs replaced. The windshield washer is
broke and probably needs a new pump motor.
Would this be a daily driver or a truck to fix up? I had actually
thought about buying the vehicle to fix it up. The truck definitely has
potential. It just needs a little TLC. I will still try to get you some
more pictures. I will send you the three pictures I have. I can only send
one per email. Let me know if you can open them.
<<see pic of red truck in center col.>>
my response was something like "what the hell were you thinking girl"

Do you know R.A.T.?
I'm sorry 4 u who have old little monitors. (sic)